How to Put a Baby For Adoption?

how to put a baby up for adoption

Putting your baby up for adoption can provide them with a loving family, a secure home, and a vibrant future.

Choosing adoption for your baby is based on love and the desire to give them the best life.

Adoption is always an option for you, regardless of your circumstances. There are numerous reasons why a pregnant lady decides adoption to be the best choice for her baby. Whatever the purpose is, you can provide your child with the best life with an adoptive family.

Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or home with your child and thinking about adoption, there is often a question of how to put a baby for adoption and the steps to give a child up for adoption.

When Will You Know Adoption is Suitable for You?

There is no particular deadline on when to start thinking about adoption. However, when deciding to pursue adoption, you should know that adoption is suitable for you. Adoption is not a process you can go through half-heartedly. It is a life-changing option, and it is worth taking plenty of time as you want to determine if it is the best choice for you.

You must be thinking if your feelings about adoption are fleeting or if that is simply an emotionally difficult stretch in life. In times of unplanned pregnancy, emotions like this are more common than you might suppose. To decide whether adoption is right for you at the moment, you could answer questions like:

  • Do I want to choose a loving, prepared adoptive family who could provide my child with the best opportunities in life?
  • What form of goals do I have for myself? How can adoption help keep me on track toward those educational and professional goals?
  • Do I want to remain a vital part of my child’s life through an open adoption?
  • Do I want to work with an adoption expert to get free counseling, financial support, and different services to assist me during my pregnancy?

With such a critical decision, there are different questions to ask, too. You may communicate with an adoption expert to understand when to begin considering adoption and the steps you need to take before making any decisions. Just like your reasoning for considering adoption is private, the choice to select adoption is yours.

How to Put Your Baby for Adoption?

Step 1- Selecting Adoption for Your Baby

Deciding to place your baby for adoption is a difficult choice to consider. Ensure to research all of your alternatives to make the appropriate decision for you and your baby.

Step 2- Making an Adoption Plan

When you have chosen to place your baby for adoption, you will need to reach out to adoption experts such as an adoption agency, legal professional, consultant, or another adoption facilitator. Your adoption specialist will help you to create the proper adoption plan for you and your baby. 

An Adoption advisor will work carefully with you to personalize your adoption plan to your wants and desires. Your advisor will help you find the proper family for your baby according to your desired options, discuss your financial needs, if any, help you prepare for your hospital stay, and more.

Step 3- Finding an Adoptive Family

You must consider the criteria which are essential for your adoption plan. These factors may consist of- the race of the adoptive family, their religion, the distance between your home, their marital status, whether you wish to place with a couple or a single parent, whether the family has other kids, and whether you want to have a personal relationship with the family after the adoption is finalized.

Step 4- Knowing the Adoptive Family

Adoption has been modified over the past couple of years, and “open adoption is a term we often hear. Open adoption allows the birth mother or births parents to have contact during and after birth. Of course, the degree and form of “openness” depend upon each situation, but contact can include sharing photos, phone calls, video calls, texts, and sometimes even visits. 

Most adoption professionals and lawyers agree that open adoption is the healthiest desire for all parties involved. But, they also highlight that the level of openness should be contingent on what is best for the child.

Step 5- Creating a Hospital Plan

Your adoption expert will work with you to create the right hospital plan, depending on your wants and needs. Some questions that your consultant or expert will ask are:

  • Do you want to contact the adoptive family at the hospital?
  • How much time do you need to spend with your child after birth?
  • Who do you want to change diapers, clothes, feed your child, etc.?

Step 6- Complete the Legal Consent Process

Before the baby gets discharged from the hospital, you will be requested to sign the adoption consent form. Once the consent documents are signed, the child can go home from the hospital with the adoptive family.

Step 7- Post Adoption Recovery

After leaving the hospital, you may experience highs and lows as you recover from giving birth and placing your child for adoption. Permitting time and space to heal physically and emotionally is critical. Your body desires to heal, so be sure to ease back into your routine slowly. It may take 6-12 weeks to get better, depending on your delivery type. 

Although you have made a courageous and selfless choice to place your baby for adoption, grieving is a natural reaction. Give yourself the time and space to mourn your loss. 

There are Birth Mother support groups, mentors, and advisors who are ready to speak with you about your experience and how they can help you. Your Adoption adviser or expert will help join you with the resources you want.

Step 8- Communicating with the Adoptive Parents

The form of communication you will have with the adoptive parents will be decided by the level of openness in your adoption. These days, many birth mothers are in an open adoption situation in which they receive photos and letters. 

Few have contact with the adoptive family through texts, social media, email, video calling, and regular face-to-face visits. Again, this type of contact relies upon the openness of your adoption.

What is Involved in an Agency Adoption?

The agency has caseworkers who will work with you to acquire basic background information, recommend your legal options, and who can provide you with supportive counseling. After the baby is born, if you nonetheless want to place your baby for adoption, you sign a legal document in which you surrender your parental rights to the agency. 

After the document is signed, the agency puts the child in the physical custody of the adoptive parents. The agency keeps legal custody of the child until the adoptive parents obtain a court order of adoption.

How do I select a Family if I Place My Baby Without the Involvement of an Agency?

In a private placement adoption, the expectant parents search for and select the adoptive parents with whom they wish to place their baby for adoption. Individuals seeking to make an adoption plan can identify potential adoptive parents with the help of their attorney by searching on the net or reading adoption advertisements placed in the categorized section of your local newspaper. 

A list of websites hosting adoptive parents’ profiles is outlined in the resource section of this website. 

Depending upon your situation, you may also want to talk to your treating physician, close family, or friends. You can also confide in respected members of your religious or school community to see if they are aware of an appropriate adoptive family. 

Whatever avenue you pursue, it is essential for you to feel secure that the person with whom you are confiding will admire the sensitivity of this matter and will respect your privacy and your want to be in control of your options.


Adoption gives your child a loving family who will constantly cherish them. How to put a baby for adoption can be confusing. Every woman’s situation is different, and it is best to realize what is appropriate for your baby — not the father, your parents, your sister, or your best friend. Decide whether adoption is suitable for you, and then follow the steps.


How do I choose an adoptive family?

You constantly have the opportunity to review adoptive family profiles and choose the family that is best for your baby. 
Your adoption expert can help you decide what you are searching for in adoptive parents.

Does the father need to be involved in the adoption?

The birth father’s involvement can vary. However, you usually have the right to discover your adoption alternatives.

How do I select an attorney for putting my baby up for adoption?

Make certain that the attorney you choose has experience in the particular type of adoption you want to pursue. There may be a national organization of adoption attorneys, The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA), that provides an online directory of attorneys throughout the USA.

Do medical expenses get involved in adoption plans?

Adoption means your medical costs will be covered, and you will have 24/7 expert help. When you prepare for labor and delivery, your expert will assist you in creating a hospital plan.