Ayush Jha

Ayush Ranjan Jha is a 4th-year law student of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), IP University, Delhi. He is inquisitive towards Corporate law, International law & Constitutional law. He is very keen on research work and got published a number of Research papers and articles related to legal topics during his previous academic years. Currently, he is preparing for Judicial services examinations.

Unsupervised Probation—A Less Stringent Form of Probation

unsupervised probation

Unsupervised probation is informal probation. First-time or minor offenders are mainly subjected to this probation, and the offenders committing further misdemeanors can be subjected to the same probation based on the judge’s discretion. Probation is typically established during initial sentencing or ordered by a judge during a trial based on a particular offense. The objective …

What does the basic speed law mean?

the basic speed law means

Speed ​​violations are a national health problem and are a major reason why the country is in line of getting ousted concerning road safety at the world level. In the United States, speed violations kill about 10,000 people each year, in addition to an unknown number of injuries.  Speed laws in the US vary from …

Can You Have Visitors on House arrest?

Can You Have Visitors on House arrest?

House arrest, a form of punishment, confines an individual to his own house or residence, thus restricting the liberty of the movement of an individual. House arrest is mainly inflicted on such a person whose movement or travel needs to be restricted to prevent the infliction of greater harm. It is also referred to as …

How can a victim get a No-Contact order lifted?

how can a victim get a no contact order lifted

Generally, the court orders a no-contact to protect the rights and interests of the victims of domestic violence, as it is a persisting problem in the current scenario, which mostly goes unnoticed or sometimes ignored, thinking it is a family issue.  It lays down restrictions on the freedom of movement of accused involved in domestic …